In the past 10 years working as an artist, I had the pleasure to complete a great number of orders both for national and international clients.

By now my paintings adorn many different locations such as wellness and beauty areas, yoga and meditation spaces as well as offices, practices and private homes.



Artwork: Flower of life
Location: Wellness area
Client: Gassenhof Ridnaun, Italy
4-star S Hotel






Artwork/Method: Painting on canvas  2,50 x2,50 m


Location: integrated in a sliding door as a room divider


Client: Brunner Sabine, Midwife practice


Vipiteno, Italy



Artwork: Mural Mandala
Location and Client: Praxis Rundum g´sund der Leitner Rita in Vipiteno, Italy







Artwork: Flower of Life
Method: Acrylic paint on canvas
Client: Andreus Resort
5-star hotel Passeiertal






Artwork: Flower of Life
Method: Acrylic paint on canvas
Büro Wild - Metal




Artwork/Method: Painting on canvas 200x150cm
Location: Entrance area.

Client: Hotel Mondschein in Vipiteno, Italy




Artwork:Tree of live

Method;Acrylic Paint on canvas

Client:Hotel Plunhof

4StarS Hotel Ridnaun



Artwork/Method: Painting on canvas 2x2,50m
Location: Centre for
Client: Practice for Naturopathy by Mair Brigitte in Stans in Tirol, Austria







Mural Artwork:Flower of live

Client:Hairboutique Sterzing

Artwork: Double painting
Method: Acrylic paint on canvas
Miramonti BoutiQue Hotel
 5-star hotel in Meran, Italy