Christine Schölzhorn
born in 1979 in Vipiteno, Italy
married with 3 children

















My path of life


Born in 1970 as the oldest of 4 children, I grew up on a farm in a very remote mountain village located in the beautiful valley of Ridnaun, in the region South Tyrol, Italy. I was a very sensitive child and I have always loved nature, mountains, animals...Just as I have always loved to be creative.


As a teenage girl I started a formation to become a nurse and then worked for 15 years as an infant nurse in the local hospital. During that time I met my husband and we have since then been blessed with 3 wonderful children.


A very special happening led my way towards art and painting.


One night, shortly after moving into a new home, the flower of life appeared in my dreams in vibrant colours. When I woke up, I felt the urge to bring this nocturnal image to life by painting it.


It felt like someone was guiding me through the process and this is how I created my very first painting. This experience opened a new door on my path of life.




Since then, painting has become a fundamental part of my life. People around me started to notice that there was something special about my paintings and that is how I got my first orders. Next to my job in the hospital I painted a lot which gave me immense joy. I loved bathing in the light-flooded energy which fulfils me whenever I work on a painting.




A few years ago I went through a rough patch, including a burn-out. It was a very tough time but it taught me a great deal. One of the most fundamental lessons was to learn to listen to my own inner voice. Today, I am incredibly thankful for this life-changing experience. Brave and with a clear inner calling I followed my new path and founded my own company “Kunst zum Wohlfühlen” (Feel-good Art) and have worked with delight ever since.




I create my paintings in sync with the big picture – in an intuitive and ruminant manner.


The power and energy emanating from my works are perceived by the spectator both in a conscious and unconscious way. My greatest wish is for my creations to bring joy to as many people as possible and to fill their homes as well as their working spaces with positive energy.